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Stickers & Decals

Personalize it.

It could be your ride, a wall, or a window. What better way to express yourself than with a graphic that communicates your style or message. We have a large selection of standard products for you to choose from. For vehicles, we use heavy duty vinyl based materials for a long lasting product. Wall graphics are printed in full color on removable media. For general purpose applications we use sign vinyl, designed for outdoor signage, that will last a lifetime.

Cut it or print it.

We use one of two processes to produce a design. Our cut vinyl designs are a single color, multi-piece design. They have no background, so the surface it's mounted on is the background. For best results and appearance you want to choose a complimentary color for your design. Cut designs are on a backing sheet with application tape over the front. It is positioned, the backing sheet is removed, and then pressed into place. The application tape keeps it from moving and is then removed after installation. Our printed designs are a one piece design, printed in full color, on vinyl material. No application tape is needed.

Make sure you have a suitable surface.

If you don't have the right surface for installation, it's not gonna stick and you won't be very happy. We provide a sample of the material so you can test the intended site before you do it for real. Some tips for best results:

  • Install it in warm conditions.
  • Choose a hard smooth surface such as a painted steel body panel or window. Don't try to install it on a plastic surface. For wall graphics, choose a surface that is smooth with minimal texturing and that is nonporous (ie, no cement block walls).
  • Clean and dry the surface thoroughly. It won't stick to dirt or oil.
  • Use masking tape to hold it in place while aligning it. After you're satisfied with the position, pull the backing sheet and rub it on.
  • Press it on firmly, using a credit card or hard squeegee, and get all the air bubbles out. Don't rub so hard that you scratch it.