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Our Creative Side

The Great Outdoors.

We like being outside and going places. As such, it is a tremendous influence on what we do. As you brouse our online store, you'll see evidence of that in much of what we have designed.

Vroom Vroom.

First and foremost, we're motorheads. The company started as a division of a 4x4 business, and that legacy continues today. If it has an engine and some wheels, we've probably done a design for that vehicle, or at least have one in the queue to release. There's more on the "to do" list than we've actually released, so check often for more in this category.

Claws and paws.

Pets are a great inspiration. They are a central part of one's life. No doubt, we draw ideas from their antics for our designs. You'll see an entertaining collection of pet products on our online store.

One of our photographers is an accomplished wildlife photographer. He's been published on magazine covers, feature stories, and promotional products. There's so much stuff that he's done that we don't really know where to start. It ranges from owls, eagles and waterfowl to wolves, bears, mountain goats, big horn sheep and much more. Watch for us to sort that out in the next couple months. We'll have lots of images to present.

Time for a break.

We all have hobbies and outside interests. Ever notice how that creates more ideas? That happens to us too. Watch for a new section of entertaining and amusing designs that come from our own hobbies as well as the ideas that other people send us.