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Large Format Prints

The BIG picture.

The machines we use can print images on just about anything. If it absorbs ink, most likely we can print on it.

That means we can print large format photographs. We can do this on both photo quality paper (we use high gloss media) and canvas.

On our online store, we will have a large selection of stunning images to choose from. You won't find anything there right now--quite frankly, we have too much to do, so this will come in a few months.

Watch for us to introduce our featured photographers who specialize in wildlife and landscape imagery.

Can't wait that long and have your own image to print? Contact us for details.

What to send us.

As we've said elsewhere, the rule of "Garbage In, Garbage Out" applies. If you want to send us something to print, please consider the following:

  • Don't send us something from your phone or tablet. In general, the pixel count is too low, the lenses don't focus as sharply as a DSLR, and the image quality is not as good.
  • The more pixels you send us the larger the photo can be. At large sizes every imperfection will show up. We do not upconvert images as that results in "jaggies" and soft focus.
  • Assume that some image processing will be needed. Minor touch up, color correction, exposure correction. Excessive corrective work is a separate service beyond the cost of printing.
  • We can work with JPG, PNG, TIFF and EPS files.
  • We reserve the right to "Just Say No" to any image we feel will not yield high quality results.