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Mugs, Bottles & Containers

Don't spill a drop.

Want beverage containers to match a shirt, sticker or other item we offer? We can provide these items, too.

The magic that makes it happen.

Doing a mug or bottle is a little bit different than a shirt or sticker. They aren't made of vinyl, but rather they are ceramic or metal. And they are round not flat. We use a process called dye sublimation for this stuff. The ink is injected ("sublimated") into a special coating on the product. The result is a product that won't have the design chip off, is dishwasher safe, and will last forever. This process produces exceptional results, with vibrant brilliant color. It enables us to put full color images like a photo on an item.

The fine print.

Some limitations apply with this technique:

  • For best results the mug or bottle must be white. There is no white ink in this process so the underlying surface is "white".
  • The inks are translucent. If you choose a non-white product (such as an aluminum water bottle) then the underlying metal surface will alter the final color of the image. Most of the time it is a cool effect but not always.
  • UV will affect the longevity of the image. Don't leave it outside in the sun.